SF3C5 | Symfony 3 Certification Coaching

  • The best way to become a Symfony Certified Developer is to study with its creators! To help you get ready for your exam, this classroom training will make you review every section of the Symfony 3 Certification exam with a SensioLabs Certified instructor. This training is specifically designed for people who already have a deep knowledge of the Symfony framework and who wish to validate and consolidate their skills before taking the official Symfony 3 Certification exam. Note that this training can be delivered in an inhouse or onsite mode.
  • Prerequisites

    Deep knowledge of Symfony
  • Goals

    The training will cover all the Symfony 3 Certification exam topics over a period of three consecutive days. Also, in order to offer the best learning experience for everyone, we have decided to limit the number of attendees up to six people in every inhouse training session.

Full program

Training pricing depending on delivery mode

In an « inhouse » delivery mode, the price per person is €1,690.00 and includes a free voucher (value of €250) to sit the Symfony Certification exam in the 365 days after he\she has attended the training.

In an « onsite » delivery mode, the price per training day at your office is €2,100.00 for a team up to 8/10 developers. This pricing doesn't include any Symfony Certification exam vouchers for the participants. Thus, it doesn't include the trainer fees (transportation and accommodations) that are also charged as extras to the quotation. We also require our customers to provide a fully equiped meeting room at their offices to enable the trainer to deliver the workshop in the best conditions.

How does the training take place?

Whether the training is delivered in an inhouse or onsite mode, we ask each participants to prepare at least five questions (and their answers) per Symfony Certification Exam covered topic. All participants ask their questions to the other participants, so that they can challenge themselves. Then, our certified Symfony trainer focuses on the supervised exercises and provides their correction. Theory and fundamentals for each certification topic will be shown to participants if they think they don't feel very comfortable with it. Finally, depending on each participant's knowledge level with the Symfony framework, le trainer will priorize the order of the topics and will adapt the level of the training to every attendee.

The Symfony Certification exam topics

  • HTTP + PHP + Standardization + Symfony Architecture (~30 min per chapter)
  • Routing + Controllers
  • Controllers + Twig
  • Forms
  • Validation
  • Dependency Injection
  • Security
  • Functional Testing
  • HTTP Caching
  • Command Line + Miscellaneous + Q/A

Warning & disclaimer

This training is designed to prepare candidates for the SensioLabs Symfony 3 Certification exam. In any case SensioLabs can not guarantee the successful outcome of your exam. This training session is specifically designed for people who already have a deep knowledge of the Symfony framework and who wish to test and consolidate their skills before sitting for the certification exam. 

Time program

Day 1

Appreciation of the training

Global average :

  1. Educational rating : N.C
  2. Content rating : N.C
  3. Pace rating : N.C
  • Duration

    3 day(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

    French, English, German
  • Available countries

    Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
From €1,690.00
No session scheduled

No session is scheduled for this course. However we organize tailored training courses: contact us for more informations!