SF2D1 | Drupal 8 - Advanced Development

  • This three day training course is codelivered by a SensioLabs trainer and a Trained People trainer. It aims at helping you understand the new Drupal 8 architecture, develop your own custom modules and understand the princiles of dependency injection and event programming.
  • Prerequisites

    Good knowledge of PHP and Drupa 8 as a developer.
  • Goals

    This three day training course helps you understand the new foundations of the Drupal 8 architecture through a Symfony2 perspective. You will also discover the dependency injection principles in Drupal 8 and event programming thank to the Symfony EventDispatcher component. Finally, you will learn how to create your own custom plugin and an « handmade » configuration entity.

Full program

Discovering the dependency injection principles

  • Understanding the dependency injection principles
  • The different types of objects injection
  • Understanding how dependency injection is handled by Symfony

Using the Symfony Dependency Injection Container

  • Understanding the purposes of the Symfony dependency injection container
  • Discovering the Drupal 8 built-in services
  • Registering new services into the container
  • Replacing an existing Drupal 8 services with another custom one

Event Driven Programming with the EventDispatcher Component

  • Discovering the « Observer » and « Mediator » design patterns
  • Decoupling application code with an event driven programming approach
  • Identifying Symfony and Drupal built-in events
  • Connecting custom event listeners to Symfony & Drupal 8 events
  • Dispatching custom events to decouple code
  • Creating custom event objects
  • Registering event « listeners » and « subscribers »

Creating a Custom Drupal Plugin

  • Declaring the plugin manager to Drupal
  • Discovering the DefaultPluginManager class
  • Understanding the discovery method (annotations)

Creating a Custom Configuration Entity

  • Adding initial routing to manager the entity
  • Declaring a new interface (ConfigEntityInterface)
  • Declaring a new class (ConfigEntityBase)
  • Declaring the corresponding data schema
  • Adding related controllers and forms
  • Duration

    3 day(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

  • Available countries

From €1,500.00
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