SF2C5 | Symfony2, the Key Concepts

  • This training, dedicated to managers and software architects, helps you understand the key concepts of a Symfony2 project. It facilitates the management of a Symfony based project by allowing better control of technical constraints and technical context provided by Symfony. This training workshop is available online. Contact us and we'll tell you how.
  • Prerequisites

    Good knowledge of web development
  • Goals

    On this one day workshop, learn how to manage a Symfony2 project on a day-to-day basis. Discover how to deal with bundles architecture, multi-level configuration and the best practices to ensure code quality.

Full program

Discovering frameworks pros and cons

  • Introduction to frameworks
  • Framework vs CMS
  • Pros and cons of Symfony2

Symfony2 installation and architecture

  • Installing a Symfony2 standard distribution
  • Navigating in the Symfony2 project tree
  • Discovering the components and bundles architecture of Symfony2
  • Understanding the Symfony2 MVC implementation
  • Finding extra community bundles on the Internet

Mastering the Symfony2 configuration

  • Configuring the web server for Symfony2
  • Understanding the environment configuration
  • Locating the application's configuration
  • Locating the bundles' configuration
  • Changing database access identifiers
  • Changing the URLs configuration
  • Editing translations dictionnaries
  • Accessing the Doctrine2 model layer
  • Editing default user's locale settings
  • Configuring authentication and access control policy

Symfony2 development tools

  • Improving productivity with an IDE
  • Using the web debug toolbar
  • Collecting application's metrics thanks to the Profiler
  • Analyzing recorded logs
  • Tracking executed SQL statements
  • Interacting with the command line tool

Integrating the best practices

  • Review of RAD, DRY and KISS principles

  • Linking the project with a source code management tool (SVN / Git...)

  • Optimizing frontend performances with HTTP caching and ESI

  • Optimizing assets managements with Assetic

  • Contracting a quality insurance with automated tests

  • Insuring code quality with a continuous integration
  • Conforming to coding conventions
  • Finding help, where and how?

Answering to exploitation constraints

  • Choosing a suitable hosting offer
  • Customizing error pages
  • Deploying the application to production
  • Easing database migrations
  • Duration

    1 hour(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

    French, English
  • Available countries

    France, Worldwide
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