TW1CE | TWIG Certification

  • Make your TWIG experience recognized to show the world that you are mastering TWIG. Get your official diploma by taking the official exam organized by TWIG's Creator, SensioLabs.
  • Prerequisites

    Designers with experience using TWIG
  • Goals

    This certification will recognize your TWIG experience and you will become an official SensioLabs TWIG certified designer.

Full program

It's a 1-hour exam of 45 questions targeted at designers and divided into 16 topics as follow:

* Basic Concepts: basic Twig concepts, Twig syntax, escaping.

* Variables and Expressions: defining variables, accessing simple and complex variables, expressions.

* Filters: built-in Twig filters and their parameters, chaining filters, alternative filter syntax.

* Functions: built-in Twig functions and their arguments.

* Tests: built-in Twig tests, combining tests and conditional expressions.

* Operators: built-in Twig operators, combining operators.

* Control Structures: loops, conditionals, combining loops and conditionals.

* Template Reuse: basic and multi-level inheritance, including template fragments, embedding templates.

Time program

Day 1

Appreciation of the training

Global average :

  1. Educational rating : N.C
  2. Content rating : N.C
  3. Pace rating : N.C
  • Duration

    1 hour(s)
  • Level

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