SLAGILESCRUM | Agile/Scrum Training Session

  • Agile methodology is an alternative to V-cycle project management, and is based on several principles: product quality-oriented management, cooperation between a Product Owner and the Production Team and Scrum Master to maximize product value, prioritization of development based on business value and risk, and the opportunity to change scope.
  • Prerequisites

    Project management concepts
  • Goals

    - Learn the concepts and best practices of agile project management. - Understand the main principles of these methods and the approach to managing production teams. - Identify the actions to implement to support the cultural shift resulting from agile projects.

Full program


  • What Agile is all about?
  • Agility trends.
  • Your Project Management methods.
  • What does Agility solve?
  • The cost of a bug

Agile Mindset

  • Organization
  • Lean Software Development
  • The Agile manifesto.
  • Is Agile a buzz?
  • How it works
  • Contracting
  • Rôles
  • The need
  • Planning
  • Sprint process
  • IT tools
  • End of Sprint
  • SCRUM: what else?
  • Agile transition
  • Conclusion 

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  • Duration

    2 day(s)
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