SF5START | Getting Started with Symfony 5

  • This training is the best starting point to prepare you for the advanced tools and uses of the Symfony 5 framework with its creators. SensioLabs University has designed the best Symfony training experience by combining face-to-face and e-learning. In addition to face-to-face training, access to our online review platform for 1 month allows you to combine different learning practices, test your skills, follow your progress and stay in touch with your trainer on throughout the duration of the program. This course is not only designed to get you started with Symfony 5, it is also the ideal course for learning "Official Good Practices" and the best tips from Symfony experts.
  • Prerequisites

    Good knowledge of PHP and Object Oriented Programming
  • Goals

    In just 2 days, the objective of this training is to introduce you to the Symfony 5 framework for creating your website. You will create a new Symfony 5 from scratch project, where you will discover the structured organization of its directories / files, to which you will apply an MVC pattern. You will also learn how to build your first web pages with the Twig rendering engine and the Webpack Encore asset manager. All this, along with Symfony forms and object persistence via Doctrine. Finally, our trainers will focus on official good practices and tips from Symfony.

Full program



HTTP Workflow

Routers and controllers

Introduction to functional tests

Templating with Twig

Web assets with Webpack Encore

Introduction to Doctrine