SF2C3 | Extending & Hacking Symfony2

  • This workshop leads you to the highest level of the Symfony 2 framework by training you in advanced usages of Symfony like application audit, optimization and customization of the Symfony 2 framework. This training workshop is available online. Contact us and we'll tell you how.
  • Prerequisites

    Object oriented programming, mastering Symfony2
  • Goals

    In two days, you will learn how to become a Symfony 2 framework expert by discovering advanced uses like audit, optimization and tools customization.

Full program

Leveraging the Symfony Console Component

  • Discovering the Symfony Console component
  • Automating heavy tasks thanks to the command line
  • Designing and enabling interactive
  • Using the « Formatter » helper to colorize the console
  • Using the « ProgressBar » helper to develop progression bars
  • Using the « Table » helper pour display tabular data in the console output

Extending the Symfony Web Profiler

  • Analyzing collected data from the profiler
  • Analyzing collected data from the application’s code
  • Configuring the web profiler for the production environment
  • Designing custom data collectors to extend the Symfony Profiler
  • Extending the « Web Debug Toolbar » and the « Web Profiler » with new debug panels

Extending the Symfony Dependency Injection Container

  • Reminding some basics about the dependency injection principles
  • Registering custom business services in the service container
  • Understanding the concept of services « tags » to extend the framework built-in tools
  • Developing custom « compiler passes » objects to optimize the container compilation

Extending the Symfony Security Component

  • Developing a custom user provider class
  • Recording the last connection date and time of the user
  • Triggering custom business code when the user impersonates another user
  • Setting up a fined grained resources access control policy with voters

Extending the Symfony Form & Validation Components

  • Understanding the internals of the « Form » component
  • Extending or overriding built-in form field types
  • Developing custom form field types
  • Registering new form field types as services
  • Developing new custom data transformers
  • Modifying the form’s data and structure thanks to form events listeners
  • Displaying form fields depending on user’s permissions thanks to form field types extensions
  • Developing new custom data constraint validators

Decoupling the Application Code with Event Dispatching

  • Discovering the kernel events and other components built-in events
  • Extending the kernel behaviors with custom kernel events listeners
  • Dispatching custom business events to make the code truly extensible
  • Connecting custom event listeners to custom business events

Going Further with Doctrine (as a bonus)

  • Creating new custom storage form field types (ie. « Money » column type)
  • Extending the default DQL syntax with custom DQL functions
  • Duration

    2 day(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

    French, English, German
  • Available countries

    Germany, Spain, United States, France, United Kingdom, Worldwide
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