PHPC5 | Building C extensions for PHP

  • This two day training course brings you into the discovery of the PHP language internals and understanding of its internal engine: the Zend Engine. During this two days, you will learn how PHP works internally and you will also learn how to create and compile your own custom PHP extensions. Creating custom PHP extensions will help you to improve the performances of your PHP applications or simply empower the current PHP default API.
  • Prerequisites

    Good knowledge of the C language and the Linux platform.
  • Goals

    In only two days, discover how PHP was built more than a decade ago and learn how to build your first C extensions to empower the PHP language. You will also discover how possible it is to drastically improve the performances of your PHP applications.

Full program

Understanding the PHP Internal Architecture

  • Discovering PHP and its internal Zend Engine
  • Understanding the Zend compiler and virtual machine
  • Discovering the engine performances

Discovering the Extension System

  • Detailed PHP compilation
  • Extensions and Zend Extensions
  • Extensions connecting points

Practical exercises

  • Compilation and deployment
  • Variables and memory management
  • Arrays, functions, classes and objects
  • Third party libraries encapsulation
  • Unit testing
  • Performances
  • Duration

    2 day(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

    French, English
  • Available countries

    France, Worldwide
From €1,290.00
No session scheduled

No session is scheduled for this course. However we organize tailored training courses: contact us for more informations!