PHPC3 | Professional PHP Development with Design Patterns

  • Develop robust, solid and professional PHP web applications with design patterns and advanced object oriented programming techniques with PHP. This training course will help you to build more robust PHP applications and understand the advanced architectures of modern PHP frameworks.
  • Prerequisites

    Mastering object oriented design in PHP
  • Goals

    In only three days, this training course will give you an advanced and practical overview of object oriented structures that are design patterns. Learn how to design, architecture and build solid web applications and\or libraries thanks to design patterns and the new PHP object model.

Full program

Overview of the PHP object model

  • History of the PHP object model
  • The PHP's object model compared to Java's model
  • Classes and interfaces
  • Composition versus inheritance

Discovery of principles of software architecture

  • Overview of the PHP Standard Library (SPL)
  • Principles of software engineering
  • Coupling and cohesion
  • Design patterns families
  • Software architecture
  • SOLID and STUPID principles
  • Dependency injection principle

Practical design patterns

  • The iterator
  • The facade
  • The singleton
  • The strategy
  • The factory
  • The composite
  • The décorateur
  • The adapter
  • The observer

Introduction to patterns of enterprise architecture

  • The MVC pattern
  • The lazy loading pattern
  • The data mapper pattern
  • The active record pattern
  • The null object pattern

Unit testing with design patterns

  • Introduction to unit testing
  • Introduction to PHPUnit
  • Installing PHPUnit
  • Practicing unit testing with PHPUnit
  • Generating code coverage reports
  • Duration

    3 day(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

    French, English
  • Available countries

    France, Worldwide
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