PHPC1 | Building Dynamic Web Applications with PHP 7 & MySQL

  • Learn how to master the PHP 7 programming language by developping a real and fully functional web application.
  • Prerequisites

    Mastering HTML/CSS
  • Goals

    During four days, you will learn the basics of the PHP 7 programming language by developing a small dynamic web application connected to a MySQL database. You'll be trained by a PHP expert who master PHP since many years. During this training, you'll learn how to create an MVC application including custom PHP functions, sessions handling, data validation and filesystem manipulation. The trainer will also show you how to connect your application with a MySQL database and how to query it with PHP native APIs and the SQL language.

Full program

Introduction to the Web and PHP 7

  • History of the Web
  • Client / server principle
  • Introduction and history of PHP 7
  • How does PHP 7 work ?
  • PHP integration in an HTML web page
  • The LAMP platform
  • Discover the WAMP Server environment

PHP 7 Basics

  • Comment some code
  • Print text on the screen
  • Define constants, variables, array and functions
  • Discover the so-called « superglobal variables »
  • Operators
  • Control structures (loops and conditions)
  • Persist data with client cookies and server sessions
  • Import external files and libraries
  • Strict typing your data structures

Handle the Filesystem

  • Open a text file
  • Check if a file exists on the server
  • Write contents in a text file
  • Read a file's content

Getting started with Databases

  • Introduction to databases
  • Discover the ACID principle
  • Define tables and columns
  • Learn about data types storage
  • Create records' relationships between primary and foreign keys
  • Query the database with the SQL language
  • Make joins to efficiently fetch data from the database
  • Secure persistence operation with transactions
  • Create a granted user with privileges
  • Browse your database with PHPMyAdmin and MySQL Workbench

Querying a MySQL Database with PHP 7

  • Introduction to the MySQLi extension
  • Open a connection on a MySQL database
  • Write SQL queries to query the database
  • Execute prepared statements from a PHP 7 script
  • Perform SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries

Interacting with the User thanks to Web Forms

  • Design web forms and retrieve submitted data on the server
  • Validate the client's submitted data
  • Display the form again in case of errors
  • Secure data before processing and trusting them
  • Handle HTML widgets (input, select, radios, etc.)

Processing Images with PHP 7

  • Introduction to the GD PHP extension
  • Upload a picture from a Web form
  • Generate a thumbnail on the fly when a picture is uploaded
  • Add a filigran layer on the uploaded picture

Best Web Development Practices

  • Filter and validate user's inputs
  • Secure SQL queries to prevent SQL code injection
  • Refactor the code to avoid code duplications
  • Organize the code according to the MVC pattern
  • Follow coding standards and coding conventions
  • Build a custom made PHP framework
  • Configure your Apache or NGinx web server

Exercise: Build an e-Commerce Application

  • Display a products list stored in the database
  • Display a dedicated product page
  • Generate a drop down list
  • Define a set of userland functions
  • Store the user's cart thanks to cookies or sessions
  • Create a form to subscribe to a newsletter
  • Implement an authentication login form
  • Create a secured administration web interface
  • Upload, resize and process pictures

Time program

Day 1

Appreciation of the training

Global average :

  1. Educational rating : N.C
  2. Content rating : N.C
  3. Pace rating : N.C
  • Duration

    4 day(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

    French, English
  • Available countries

    France, Worldwide
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