GITC1 | Managing source code with Git

  • Keep control of your source code with Git, the distributed source code management system. In one single day, learn how to install, configure and take Git into your hands. This training workshop is available online. Contact us and we'll tell you how.
  • Prerequisites

  • Goals

    This training course helps developers and web designers to get started with the distributed source code management system Git to keep track of their work. In only one day, you will discover how Git works and all the fundamental commands to keep control of your source code.

Full program

Git basics

  • Introduction to Git
  • Differences between Git and Subversion
  • Architecture of a local Git repository
  • Data integrity check
  • Snapshots vs differences
  • Installing a Git client for Linux, Windows or Mac OS X

Configuring Git

  • Listing Git global configuration
  • Defining Git username and email
  • Defining Git editor
  • Defining Git diff tool

Getting Started with Git

  • Initializing a local Git repository
  • Understanding the Git repository architecture
  • Adding and committing files to the repository
  • Cloning an existing repository
  • Ignoring files from the repository
  • Deleting, moving and renaming files in the repository
  • Viewing revisions history
  • Amending modifications and retrieving previous versions

Git branches management

  • Introduction to branches
  • Branching and merging principles
  • Initializing a new branch
  • Switching from a branch to another
  • Rewriting the history thanks to the rebasing

Distributed Git

  • Working with a team on remote repositories
  • Working with remote branches
  • Using an online Git source code manager:

Time program

Day 1

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  • Duration

    1 day(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

    French, English
  • Available countries

    France, Worldwide
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