DOC2W1 | Getting started with Doctrine 2

  • During this workshop, you will learn how Doctrine 2 works (ORM). You will first discover basic concepts such as the association of entities to a relational database schema, the persistence of entity of algorithms as well as different types of association of relations. In the second part of the training, the expert will introduce you to the concepts of loading objects on demand, inheriting entities as well as querying the database. At the end of this workshop, you will better understand how Doctrine works in order to use it optimally in your PHP projects.
  • Prerequisites

    Knowledge of database management systems and their syntax, PHP 7.1 and Getting started with Symfony training
  • Goals

    During this training, you will need to install Doctrine to be able to manipulate a database, create a table structure to store records via Doctrine, create database relationships to associate two entities with each other, know the data types defined by the Doctrine `DBAL` and write personalized and optimized queries via` DQL` or `QueryBuilder`.

Full program

Installation of Doctrine in a Symfony 4 project with `Flex`

Creation of an entity

Migration` or how to update a data structure

DBAL data types

Doctrine` and `EntityManager`

CRUD or how to recover and act on data

Establish relationships between entities

Customize your requests

  • Queries with `DQL`
  • Queries via `QueryBuilder`
  • Duration

    7 hour(s)
  • Level

  • Available languages

  • Available countries

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